The Season’s Switch Beanie Crochet Pattern

The snow really got to me last week.  After having beautifully mild weather for weeks, a sudden drop to 26 degrees overnight, with snow, was a bit too much for my fragile, cold natured body.  So, that night I grabbed the "Springy-est" colors I could find, and started this hat.  I had no idea where … Continue reading The Season’s Switch Beanie Crochet Pattern

C2C Scalloped Border – Crochet Technique

I first used this border last year on a special baby blanket for a neighbor friend.  It is now my favorite go-to border for any C2C.  My favorite part is that it doesn't require any sc stitches around the edge! Woo! (I can't possibly be the only one that hates having to do that, right?) … Continue reading C2C Scalloped Border – Crochet Technique