Snuggly Penguins C2C Crochet Pattern

Although it’s not quite winter weather here right now, it was very cold when I first came up with this pattern, and when I think of snow, I think of penguins!  Now I know most species of penguins live in warm climates, but those just don’t get as much air time as our Antarctic friends, so penguins will always be my go-to cold weather pals.

When I made this graph originally, I named it “Daddy and Baby Penguin,” because I’ve always been fascinated by how the male penguin takes care of the egg while the female runs off and finds food.  But after thinking about it a bit, I decided that this graph could be made using any colors for the scarves and could be customized for whatever type of pairing you’d like!

So, here is my graph for “Snuggly Penguins”.  I hope you all enjoy this pattern! I’m sorry I do not yet have a finished picture for you all, but I promise to update this as soon as I’ve finished my own!  (I’m about half-way there myself….)


Things you will need:

Yarn:  I used Caron Simply Soft
You’ll need one skein each of Black and White, and a small amount of Orange, and one or two colors for the scarves.  If you want to turn this into a pillow, be sure to pickup a skein of a corresponding color to make your back panel!  The back panel will measure 27 squares x 40 squares, just like the penguin panel!

Hook: H Hook (5.00mm)

Tapestry Needle

Pillow Form (if you want to turn this into a pillow)


The graph:

Parent and Baby Penguin

Please be sure to share the pictures of your finished work!  I can’t wait to see some adorable little penguins waddling around the internet!


The printable PDF for this chart can be found here – parent and baby penguin – stitch fiddle

This chart can also be found on Stitch Fiddle here!

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