Candy Corn C2C

This is chart 3 or 9 in my Halloween C2C series!  You can find the Spider C2C here, and the Bat C2C here!

I apologize for not having a finished piece to show you pictures of!  I am going to use my kids over and over again to excuse my inability to complete these. 😀  They are a handful!

I also apologize for not having a written pattern.  If anyone is willing to write up the pattern (starting in the bottom, right hand corner) and send it to me, I will be glad to give you credit and link to your website!

Okay, so, here is the chart for my Candy Corn C2C

Candy Corn C2C

Click here to view the pattern on Stitch Fiddle! 

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 What you’ll need: *I use Caron Simply Soft for my C2C panels, but you can use whatever yarn you like! Just make sure to stay consistent with your yarn choice for each panel if you decide to make them all.  It will make the finished throw/blanket look much better!

  • 1 skein white yarn
  • 1 skein black yarn
  • 1 skein yellow yarn
  • 1 skein orange yarn
  • H hook
  • Tapestry Needle

If you decide to only make this one and turn it into a pillow, you’ll need:

  • 1 skein of whatever color you’d like to have as your back panel (make your back panel 25 blocks by 25 blocks to match the size of the Candy Corn Panel).
  • Pillow form (buy your form after finishing one panel and measuring. Everyone has different tension and each individual will have a slightly different sized finished panel).

I hope you enjoy this pattern!  If you make one, please tag me @yawnsandyarn on Instagram!


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