Corner To Corner Monkey Blanket

NOTE:  I wrote this post right after Christmas but didn’t want to publish it until I had the finished measurement on the blanket.  It took me until today, July 25th, to actually go into my daughters room an accomplish this goal.  Momming is hard, people.



Well, everyone, I’ve done it!  I finished the monkey blanket for my daughter, and I finished two days before Christmas! Phew, close one.  I’m pretty sure she likes it, since it hasn’t left her bed since she opened it, and that makes me oh so happy to have put in so much time, yarn, and patience (holy moly weaving in ends)!

I’d like to share the pattern with you, but since it’s a corner to corner (c2c), I will not be writing it out, it’ll just be in graph form.  There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube for learning how to do a c2c if you’ve never tried one.  My favorite is this one from Repeat Crafter Me.  For some reason I always forget how to get started, no matter how many of these I do, so I watch this video every time I start a new c2c project!  I’m forgetful.  Anyway, here is my monkey blanket in all it’s glory!


Tada!  The finished measurement is about 31″x 39″, but if I blocked it I think it would be more around 33″ x 40″ because corner to corner, width wise, is 33, but side to side in the middle, width wise, is only 31″.  I’m far, far, far too lazy, at this point in life, to block a blanket though.  I hope you can forgive me for that.  It’s a perfect size for my 3.5 year old though!  (Note:  She’s now four and it’s still great!)


Corner To Corner Monkey Blanket

What you will need:

J Hook

Tapestry Needle

-I used Stitch Studio by Nicole yarn for the background (Mint), Monkey body (Peach Puff), and Face (Sheep White).  I used Caron Simply Soft in Black for the mouth and eyes.  You can use whatever colors you think looks best.  I used these particular colors because they were fun and bright, and because I had them lying around ready to use (there was a sale on this brand and each skein was only $1 instead of $4!!!!).  I think I used 3-4 skeins for the background color, 2 for the monkey body, less than 1 for the face, and just a little for the mouth and eyes.  I’m not sure on the exact amount because I actually had many skeins all going at once to cut down on my ends to sew in.  It was so nice to only have a million ends to sew in instead of two million.


I realize now that the picture of my finished blanket is the backside of the blanket, but as you can tell, the back will look just as good as the front!  Double sided monkey fun!

I really hope you all enjoy this new pattern, and I hope to see some monkey blanket pictures floating around on the internet someday!

*** Feel free to sell items made from this pattern, but please link back to my blog for credit on the pattern!  Thank you! ***



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