New and Improved

I really wanted to stick with a strong theme of crocheting while raising children with this blog, but life doesn’t have one theme, it has a million, and so will this blog.

Currently, I am taking a break from crocheting to focus on my mental health.  Along with life-long anxiety, I have also been in a battle against depression for the last three years.  I’m happy and proud to say that I am going on almost two months without falling into the deep, dark pit of despair.  It’s an amazing feeling, and one I attribute to a lot of different things.

First, in October I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. An auto immune disease affecting the thyroid. This explains almost everything about me, besides the things that are explained by my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Yes, I’m a mess.

The Hashimoto diagnosis lead to thyroid drugs, a high dose vitamin D supplement, and a gluten-free, dairy-free diet.  I also started taking Magnesium Citrate again, which helped with my depression after having my daughter.  Over the past six months, I’ve felt my whole self start to heal.  The aches and pains I’ve had for years began to dissipate.  The mental ups and downs began to stay up more often than not, and my general outlook on life shifted from “what now?!” To “what now!?”

With this new found sense of well being, I’ve started slowing down, taking breaths, and trying to figure out how I can make things even better.  I’m starting slow, since I’m never quite sure this feeling will last, but I’m starting strong.  I’ve bought plants to fill my home with life, I’ve bought paint colors to fill my home with color, and I’m beginning a journey into minimilism, to fill my home with open space.

I’m excited about everything, even the thought of trying to accomplish anything with two small kids. If anything, that would make it even more impressive, right?


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