A Monkey In Progress…

I’m sorry I’ve just run off and left you all high and dry after my Little Fall Ghostie post.  I have just been so exhausted with a three year old who started preschool, a baby who is learning that he wants to get to everything, but can’t yet, and I’m also battling a case of mastitis which I got AFTER I stopped breastfeeding (not my choice, my body made the decision for me… again).  Anyway, things have been nutty, but I have been working on a very big project in my spare time.

For Christmas this year, I am working on a blanket for my daughter.  I’m not sure exactly how long it is going to be yet, but it’ll be over two feet wide.  It’s a c2c (corner to corner) blanket and the image on it will be a monkey.  It’s my own design that I made using my cross-stitch pattern making software, PC Stitch 10.  I originally bought this to design, well, cross-stitch patterns, but once it finally hit me that I love crochet so much more (mmm.. yarn!), and cross-stitch took up way more time, I started making c2c patterns and I haven’t stopped since.  You may remember my post about my chick pillow.  That was my very first original c2c pattern.  This monkey blanket will be the second one I’ve actually made.  After my monkey, I have grand plans for a Nintendo themed blanket…..

…and maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get one of these, or both of these, done within the next five years.  *Insert exhausted, only half kidding laugh here*

Sorry for not having any pictures or really any great information for you at this time!  I honestly just wanted to share where I’ve been so you don’t file a missing bloggers report.  You guys would do that, right?  You’d worry?  D’awww!

I also want to thank everyone who’s been here to support me.  My Little Fall Ghostie post was viewed over 250 times!  That is AMAZING!! I am very grateful and happy that you all seemed to like him so much.  I hope to create a lot more things for you to create.  Until then, keep hooking, ladies and gents

Just to give you something pretty to look at, here is a skull shawl I made last year (… or was it two years ago…?) for a friend of mine.  Happy October!



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