A Little Fall Ghostie

I’d like to share another pattern I’ve come up with recently.  It’s another super easy, super quick pattern.  This time, it’s an adorable ghostie!

My First Ghostie

There can never be too many Fall and Halloween decor items.  That’s my own personal opinion, of course, but I haven’t met anyone who would disagree.  Fall is a magical time of the year when you can start feeling cozy in your comfy sweaters, it’s not a million degrees outside, and pumpkin everything is in every store.  Hey, even candy corn is back!  Who doesn’t love a little candy corn in life?  Speaking of which…

Candy Corn Ghostie!

This ghostie pattern is not for a stuffed decoration.  He is hallow, and that’s one of the reasons he is so easy and quick to make.  No need to make a bottom, or even have polyfil on hand.  Hooray!

A Little Fall Ghostie Pattern:

Materials Needed:
Lily Sugar N’ Cream Yarn in white (for solid white ghost) or white, orange, and sunshine (for candy corn version)
Size G hook (4.25mm)
Safety Eyes
Black Thread
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:
Slip Stitch
Single Crochet (SC)
Double Crochet (DC)

Pattern is crocheted in the round


Round 1:  Starting with white yarn — Chain 2 – SC 6 into 2nd chain from hook (6)
Round 2:  2 SC in each stitch around (12)
Round 3: *2 SC in first stitch, 1 in next stitch* *Repeat around (18)
Round 4:  1 SC in each stitch (18)
Round 5: (If you’re marking a candy corn version, start this round with orange yarn) *2 SC in first stitch, 1 SC in next two stitches* *Repeat around (24)
Round 6-11: (If making a candy corn version, start round 9 with yellow yarn) SC in each stitch around (24)
Round 12: *Slip stitch into first stitch, in second stitch (SC, DC, SC)* *Repeat around, ending with another slip stitch into the first stitch.  Leave a tail for weaving in, cut yarn, and weave in tail.

ARMS (Make Two) 
(If making candy corn version, make arms using orange yarn)
Round 1: chain 2 – SC 6 into 2nd chain from hook (6)
Round 2-4: SC in each stitch around (6)
Leave tail for sewing arm onto ghost, cut yarn, *sew arms onto ghost.

*I’d suggest putting on safety eyes and sewing on mouth before attaching arms, so you can make sure everything lines up well.

I played around with eye placement and mouth designs to make each face a little unique.  I hope you enjoy making your own ghostie face!
Now you are done!  That was super easy, wasn’t it?  I hope you enjoy your adorable ghost friends.  They are easy enough to gift to a Halloween lover in your life!  I already have!

I’d love to see pictures of your finished ghosties!  You can post them to ravelry (I should have the pattern up there soon) or tag me on Instagram (yawnsandyarn)!

Please feel free to sell your finished product, but please link back to my blog for pattern credit!


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